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Independent and Impartial Inventory Service

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Online Booking System

Our24/7 online booking system allows clients to make a booking at any time.

Clients log on with their unique access and once the booking has been made it cannot be overlooked.

All reports are delivered by email within a maximum 48 hour time period, the vast majority are completed within a 24 to 36 hour time period.

Our paperless system sends the relevant report direct to the client, tenant and also the landlord, if required.

In the case of the inventory, the report is sent directly to the tenant and they are invited to log on to the calendar booking system and add any relevant observations and photographs.

There is a flexible time period, usually 7 days, when the tenant can access the inventory online before the report is finalised.

These observations and photographs are then stored within the inventory document, for use at the end of tenancy check out.

A audit trail is kept within the booking system, detailing and time stamping actions and additions to the inventory report, very important, if there is a dispute at the end of tenancy.